Welcome to Fishman Aquarium Company

Fishman Aquarium Company installs and maintains custom aquarium systems for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish and reef systems. We are a family run business based out of Denton, Texas with over 22 years experience. Aquarium maintenance is the core business of Fishman and we take pride in the service we provide our customers. We do it right and give the customer the quality service they expect and pay for! We work with our customers to meet the needs of both the owners and the animals.

  Whether you are new to the hobby or just tired of being given the ‘run around’ by other service companies, give us a call and let us help. Our service is ‘contract free’ so at anytime you do not need us anymore it is as simple as a phone call to cancel your services. We are an honest, very dependable, and easy to work with crew, which provides quality aquarium service. We send the same service technician each service so you do not have to worry about having several strangers in your home or business. This helps us to build a relationship with your individual tank and rapport with you to more specifically understand the tank progression and care you want provided. Consistent and preventative maintenance is the key to a successful aquarium hobby experience.


Please give us a call, we can help you add some peace and tranquility to your home or business. Even if you just have an aquarium question do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks for checking us out,


   Jeremy Speight – Owner, Proprietor